Side Hustle for Aspiring Enterpreneurs

Considering the present state of the Nigerian economy, starting a side hustle is now considered to be a means to making some extra cash.

Side hustle by this article is an informal job you can do on the side while still remaining/maintaining your formal employment with your firm. It helps supplement the income from your primary employment or business. It is also call a side job, side gig, moonlighting, pastime, and so on and so forth.

However, our busy schedule might not really make it convenient for us to focus on our side hustle which could actually turn out to be a main hustle with time. Therefore, we will be discussing ten different side hustle ideas you can consider for making extra income in Nigeria. This list is not all encompassing, you can add yours after thorough thinking.

    Individuals and corporate organization might sometimes need to gather information from a group of people in order to carry out research for different purposes. However, collecting these information and analyzing them could be challenging for many, therefore, reaching out to these individuals and organization and offering to carry out these information gathering and analysis could really earn you a lot. Nevertheless, proficient use of Microsoft office software and spreadsheet are required in this case.
    A freelancer is a self-employed skilled person who offers his skills to individuals or corporate organization within a particular period of time. Considering freelancing as a side hustle would mean you have a particular skill that you can offer to people and be paid for. For example, skills like copywriting, web or graphics design, proofreading, photography and others are skills you can inform others about and be paid for.Moreover, there are specific websites on the internet you can upload your profile and skills as a freelancer and get freelancing job offers and be paid for. Some of these websites are Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and many more.
  • HAND SKILLS OR HANDWORK:Hand skills like barbing, hairstyling, make-up, tailoring and others are very common side hustle you can earn from as long as you have the skills and tools to engage in the hand skill profession. However, it would be important to always improve your skills with time as these profession always upgrade it trends with time.
    Online marketing is actually a very common hustle especially among students. This is a process where you purchase and sell goods on the internet or via your social media handles. While some purchase these products, others just advertise and sell the products on behalf on their producers and receive commission for the sales they’ve made.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT:Social Media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and others is becoming a very common way to interact with a lot of people within and outside your environment. If you are very familiar with the use of social media and how it works, then you can offer your service to businesses and individuals who would like to promote themselves or their businesses on social media.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCING:Social media influencing is quite different from social media management in that social media influencing as to do with how much you can do with your own social media account while social media management has to do with what you do with your client’s social media accounts.To be a social media influencer, you have to have a large number of followers and be able to provoke engagements on your social media posts. Then, businesses and individuals can reach out to you and pay you for promotion through your social media handles.
  • LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION:Logistics is a process of procuring and delivering goods from one place to another. This is one side hustle that could actually turn out to be a main hustle if managed properly. However, this type of business requires a means of transportation like a car, a motorcycle or tricycle for conveying logistics.
    Are you good with kids and do you have the skills of a teacher? If yes, then you should consider tutoring as a side hustle for young ones. Informing parents and friends about your interest and field of study could help you get a job as a tutor.
    Blogging is the term for publishing articles and contents on the internet. Creating written contents and publishing it online seems like an easy way to make money but it’s not because it takes a lot of time, patience and money as well. It would be advisable to make research on what blogging is and what it entails.
    Vlogging is similar to blogging in that vlogging has to do with the use of video to create contents on the internet. In this case, YouTube is what is mostly used. Nevertheless, this also takes patience and effort as blogging does.

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