Training Services

We at Asksus-ng Business Support Services take pride in being there for our clients when it comes to their training needs and we take the stress away by supporting our clients in facilitating trainings, rentals, purchases and supply of training Equipment/items.
We facilitate trainings by getting you all you need to accomplish a successful training session, we source venue, industry expert/experienced trainers, attendees and vendors.
We help you with training materials, purchases or rentals while you concentrate on preparing for your training and we can assist throughout the training sessions
We help advertise trainings and events, recruit attendees and help collect payments
Click here to request for Training Facilitation, purchases/supplies and rentals of equipment/items and Check here for  available trainings.

Enrol for Available Trainings

Training Equipment/Items Rentals

We offer short term solution at the best price possible and additional support service to assist the smooth running of your training sessions. Click here to request an item. Rentals are also for other office use apart from trainings.

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