Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

At Asksus-ng, we are committed in providing the best HR support services for your organization, while you concentrate on the reason your business is setup. We can serve as an independent Human Resources (HR) Department and also assist with overflow of HR related duties. See our HR Support Services below.

  • Recruitment
  • Outsourcing and Temporary Staffing
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management and Monitoring
  • Training & Development

About Our Services


At Asksus-ng, our approach is the end-to-end recruiting approach, to help find qualified candidates quickly and efficiently for your organization. We take the stress of the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, interviewing and on-boarding suitable candidates for jobs within your organization, the full recruitment cycle.
All we require is a thorough understanding of your organisation’s staffing needs, you goals, core values and mission, so as to be able to give you someone with the right measurement of every required criterion as there is no such thing as a perfect candidate.
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Payroll Management Solutions

Budding SMEs and entrepreneurs who understand that having a good Payroll Manager helps to eliminate barriers in employee management and can save them from issues associated with handling company payroll at the same time concentrate on their core competencies, meetings, pitches, marketing and all.
At Asksus-ng, we ensure that your employees are being paid on time, we help you lower your employee tax bills, pension bills, health insurance, general allowances and benefits. We handle your withholding Tax for your Contract/Temporary Hires we manage for you. We also help pick the appropriate payroll software and set it up, if you opt for one.
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Performance Management and Monitoring

At Asksus-ng, we take the successes of our client businesses seriously. Our performance management and monitoring, HR services is committed to helping you design and review employee key performance indicator (KPI) and also create a management dashboard to monitor compliance. We also help with periodic performance audits or appraisals.
We help deploy performance management technology that would help monitor impact of
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Training & Development

At Asksus-ng we take cognizance of your organization’s need for skilled and efficient professionals at every point in your day to day running.
We facilitate industry based training and development sessions with partner organisations and professionals by doing a thorough training needs assessment (TNA) for you and your staff and advice on the appropriate route for training and development.
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Outsourcing & Temporary Staffing

At Asksus-ng we can serve as an independent Human Resources Department for your growing firm and do all the HR related jobs for you without you department of HR Staff.
Our goal is to help reduce company’s overhead cost by assisting in HR business processes or job overflow as related to payroll, onboarding training, recruitment, data entry, employee record/file management, accounting, auditing and tax related matters. With our pool of qualified candidates ready to take on part-time jobs and serve as temporary replacements for your staff who for certain reasons are not available, we help with your business continuity management (BCM).
We manage all support staff and temporary hires for you, from payroll, filing/record maintenance to refresher trainings at no extra cost.
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