About US

Since 2016, ASKSUS-NG BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES have been working hard to maintain a track record of making our clients business needs our number one priority.

We professionally provide a number of back-end or back-office business support services for our clients’ businesses while they concentrate mainly on the core reasons for establishing their businesses.
Our clients ranges from budding entrepreneurs/solopreneurs to well established organizations from several

Our Vision is to be a world class business process outsourcing and SME support service provider in the continent of Africa.

Our Services

SME Support Services

At Asksus-ng Business Support Services we understand that running a business can be challenging, especially at budding stages for… Read More

Contact Center, Telemarketing
& Customer Service

It can be very challenging to reach out to a large number of prospective and existing customers, to generate and qualify B2B/B2C leads, sell… Read More

Training Services

We at Asksus-ng Business Support Services takes pride in being there for our clients when it comes to their training needs and we take the… Read More

Human Resources (HR) Support Services

At Asksus-ng, we are committed in providing the best HR support services for your organization, while you concentrate on the reason your business is setup… Read More

Data & Market Survey Services

Understanding the business terrain means understanding the market and the data you get from it, as no business would thrive without… Read More

Logistics, Transportation
& Protocol Services

Quality service is our aim at Asksus-ng when providing you with your logistics and transportation needs. We have done our due diligence on every… Read More

Our mission

To professional provide business process outsourcing and SME support services, at the most convenient and available budget to our clients.

We strive to know our clients’ inside-out to create the best possible customer service experience.

  • Leadership skills to manage clients’ projects
  • Capacity to handle clients’ work overflow
  • Phenomenal success in our target
  • Get more done in record time for clients
  • Retain, satisfied customers
  • Maintain good working relationship

Our experience

Business Process Outsourcing and Support Services 85%
Customer Service and Telemarketing 65%
Human Resources (HR) Services 70%
Corporate Communications Strategy 63%

Our Core Values

Passion for Clients

At Asksus-ng, our customers businesses or tasks are our foremost priorities. We take our clients seriously because we exist because you and your business exist and are progressing. We cannot grow if our customers are not growing.


At Asksus-ng, we put ourselves in the position of the customers and deal accordingly. We know quality and pricing are important to you and our goal is to professionally provide quality service at the most affordable cost for you.

Integrity and Professionalism

We handle our clients’ tasks with a sense of responsibility, dependability and commitment in an honest and ethical manner that instills confidence in our processes and methods. We want our clients to feel safe. We keep our promises and respect our clients stand as related to work.

Innovative Solutions

We do not just invent processes and methods for our clients, we make sure whatever solutions we provide are innovative enough to get our clients as satisfied and take their businesses to a desired level.


Working in tandem with our clients as one team even when we are on an outsourcing side of the business is one of our core values as teamwork is a key to successful business relationships. We synergize ideas by constant interactions and collaborate on projects from start to finish to make a satisfied client out of you.

Our team

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